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Fancy Camera Transitions

Fancy Camera transitions in a unity plugin that allows to add a transition to a camera in a easy way. Add the desired transition in with a simple lines of code or using the visual builder. Download it…

Temple of light V2

This game is about an explorer that finds a legendary temple called The Temple of light that hold a lot of secrets of the human origins. This is a puzzle and adventure game in wich to have to rotate…
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Never wake up a nosferatu

A platformer game about a little vampire that is disturbed by intruders while he slept placidly. Is a platformer game when you will need all you reflexes to avoid be killed The game is available on…

For no apparent reason

A game made for the #advjam2016 . Is a adventure (obviously) about a detective that must resolve a crime scene by looking at the enviorement and the clues. The game is available on and…
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Super Robo-Dash

This is a game made for the #gbjam5 . It´s a retro platformer when you handle a robot that is sent to a drifter space ship to collect all the microchips that there aboard. You can play it on
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A simple game made for practice the 3d using Blender. This is a action game in wich you must defend yoursef of the evit red tanks You can play it on and gamejolt
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Vengeful Cowboy 64

A game at the begining for the #lowrezjam2016 but updated then to have more resolution than 64×64. At this jam the participants should create a game with that resolution max as a contraint, and this…


Kolour is a puzzle game playable in a touch device. Is available for ANDROID .